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June 9 - Update on Selling Roasted Coffee, Raising Capital/Investment, Mobile Cart

Greenville Hasn't Stopped Impressing Me

My love for the city of Greenville has grown almost daily since I got here. Sure I typically go through 2 changes of clothes (none of which are Clemson related, pastel colored, short khaki shorts, or boat shoes) because it feels like a sauna most of the time here and I’m used to 15% humidity in Colorado. But it’s great to be writing this downtown sitting outside at one of those yellow tables in the atrium where Methodical Coffee and Mast General are. I also have a deep love for Belgian beer and food and went to the Trappe Door for the first time last week with Katie. It’s my favorite restaurant I’ve been to so far.

Where We Are In Building Bridge City

As I wrote a couple posts ago, our focus has been on starting wholesale and individual sales, continuing the momentum of the mobile cart, and obtaining investors/capital to open the storefront. Below are updates on each of those. We would love to connect with anyone reading this and are working on updating the usability of the blog. Until we do that, however, feel free to email me at

√  1. Launch Wholesale and Individual Accounts   We obtained our first sizeable wholesale account and are working on a couple others. Anyone who wants to buy beans for themselves can do so through the main site, or click here. We’re excited to have our first shipment of beans from Yepocapa Coffee and will be adding them to the website soon. Check out their site here to see how they operate. We’re pumped to be collaborating with them so we maintain consistency in our model literally from farm to cup – not just in the typical way that phrase is abused.  We’ll post more on that later.

☐  2. Raising Capital and Exploring Investment Opportunities We are in discussions with two new potential investors. One would help us with capital for acquiring roasting equipment and the other may bring enough to the table to open the storefront! It’s surreal to even write that! However, what we’re striving to do with this blog is write it in real time. So it’s not as though Jon and I know both investors will come through and are trying to build suspense by delaying communicating that. We truly have no clue if either will solidify. That’s why there is no check next to number 2 yet; it’s all about the check marks.

√  3. Continue to Utilize the Mobile Cart   Jon has done well with finding cool events to sell our coffee at. He has been on an anniversary trip with is wife but will have more info on the upcoming events when he gets back.  If you know of somewhere you think it would be great for our coffee to be sold, please let us know!


April 20 - Roasted Coffee Sales, Raising Capital/Investment, Mobile Cart

Soft Launch of the Pop-Up Cart

Jon successfully ran our first pop-up cart in collaboration with Textile Hall. There was more excitement and buzz than we anticipated. He had great conversations about the business and employment model we're working to build as well as chatting about coffee in general. Multiple people commented that our model sounded similar to Purple Door, which was awesome! I'm working with Mark, Purple Door's executive director, to figure out how I can continue serving on the board after moving to Greenville as well as how PD and BC can partner together in the future. It was encouraging to Jon and me that people know about Purple Door across the country in Greenville in general, but that they also connected our model to it. All in all, our first event was a success.

Where We Are In Building Bridge City

As mentioned above, we had our soft launch for the coffee cart last week. In the immediate future we will be focusing on 3 things...

1. Wholesale and individual accounts for roasted coffee  Info for wholesale and any of our beans for individuals will be on the website soon. We are very excited and proud of the sourcing model we're building. Typically, in the coffee world, beans can pass through as many as 8 different parties before reaching your cup (farmer, co-op, washing/processing, exporter, importer, distributor, roaster, shop). While this is definitely necessary in a variety of contexts, it isn't always. We're in the process of finalizing some key relationships. However, by late 2017 all of the coffees, yes all, you will have the chance to experience through Bridge City will be sourced and handled in ways that we trust by people that we know, trust, and support. Our goal is to always provide full transparency with our coffees and our sourcing model is designed to minimize the number of hands that touch every bean we use. This will maximize the profit our farmers and their communities receive, allow us to maintain more direct and authentic relationships with them, and in the end create a better product with real community through it all. We'll talk more in depth about how we do this in future post. Or you can reach out and ask us for more details, we'd love to tell you about it!

2. Raising capital and exploring investment opportunities To get our physical shop location and the employment model up and running we need a substantial amount of capital, substantial to us anyway. The good thing is that as our wholesale and general accounts increase, the amount of investment we need decreases. While this is a positive thing we would rather have the shop up and running as soon as feasibly possible. Thankfully, we recently obtained our first investors! This was a big deal for us both tangibly and intrinsically that people believe enough in what we're doing to invest. Thank you, you know who you are! Having said that, we still have quite a bit to procure to get the shop up and running and this will be a focus for both Jon and me in the foreseeable future.

*Update We are currently talking with a huge potential client that would speed things up for purchasing a bigger roaster and warehouse space.

3. Continuing to utilize the mobile cart  We plan to continue this at different events throughout the Greenville and Anderson areas (Jon lives in Anderson). We'll post a schedule on the website as we solidify more events and you can also stay up to date via Instagram @bridgecitycoffee