Our Coffee


We owe the quality of our coffee to the farmers that labor over every tiny detail to provide us with an exceptional raw coffee bean. We are honored to work closely with many amazing farming communities around the world, ensuring that we know where our coffee comes from and that the farmers are getting fair wages for their work. Unfortunately, coffee is not usually a very profitable crop for farmers to grow, therefore we often pay above standard prices to ensure we are contributing to more sustainable way of living for them and their families.


Roasting coffee is a balance of art and science. The amount of factors that can impact the final taste of a coffee can be overwhelming. When talking about raw coffee…the climate, elevation, soil type, the variety of coffee tree, how the coffee bean is processed after it’s been picked, how it’s packaged, stored, and shipped are all factors that can impact final taste. Once we receive the coffee there are endless ways we can approach a roast to bring out a coffee’s best qualities. It’s our job to bring as much information to the table as we prep a roast, but at the end of the day there’s really fun art to the roasting process that forces you as the roaster to make decisions on the fly as the roast progresses and the bean reacts to changes within the drum due to heat and airflow. It takes special people love roasting…not that we’re special...but we do love roasting coffee.

Thanks for trusting us to source and roast your coffee!