Rwanda - Misozi Natural

Rwanda - Misozi Natural


Coffee Specifics:

Growers: Abakundakawa Cooperative, Rushahi Rwanda

Flavor notes: Tropical Fruits & Nutty

Process: Natural

Weight: 12oz(340G)

This coffee comes to us from the Abakundakawa Cooperative of Misozi Coffee. Boasting some lovely flavors, this one has quickly become a favorite of ours. With notes of tropical fruits and nutty sweetness, this natural processed Rwandan makes for a really nice afternoon cup and would pair really nicely with a light desert!

About the growers:

The Misozi coffee cooperatives are spread across the lush mountains of Rwanda. MISOZI is cooperative-owned company that supports five cooperatives. Each place and people has their own character and beauty, and from each cooperative comes a distinctive coffee of the highest quality.

Abakundakawa, meaning ‘those who love coffee’, is a firmly established cooperative founded in 1999. Since then, they have made significant and lasting changes in the local community, including giving members access to health insurance and providing them with cows every year since 2007. When a cow has a calf it is given to a different member, and in this way, the number steadily increases. This improves family nutrition and gives the potential for a small additional income by selling any extra milk.

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