Guatemala - Yepocapa Natural Process

Guatemala - Yepocapa Natural Process


The Yepocapa Natural is such a special coffee this year! Last year, the cooperative took their first stab at producing a naturally processed coffee and we were honored to be among the first to roast and serve it. They did an outstanding job their first year, and this year they took what they learned and improved it further. The Yepocapa natural is a single varietal Caturra that comes from a single farmer, Roberto Luna. We’re excited to share this one with you! With notes of plum, fig, and dark chocolate, it’s a coffee you’ll enjoy to the last drop!

Farmer: Roberto Luna

Origin: Yepocapa La Cooperativa San Pedrana Argricola Integral

Process: Natural

Flavor Notes: Plum, Fig, Dark Chocolate

Whole Bean Coffee - 12oz

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