Guatemala - Yepocapa Farmer's Select

Guatemala - Yepocapa Farmer's Select


Guatemala - Yepocapa Farmer’s Select

Coffee Specifics:

Growers: La Cooperativa San Pedrana Argricola Integral

Flavor notes: Nutty, Caramel Sweetness, Green Apple

Process: Washed

Weight: 12oz(340G)

What makes this coffee special?

The Yepocapa Small Plot Farmer’s Select is the second iteration of last year’s Altura offering out of Yepocapa. This is a cup of coffee worth savoring. Pleasant from first sip to the last, with notes of walnut, caramel sweetness, and apple acidity. A well rounded coffee for anyone, at any time of the day!

About the growers:

Last year the farmers of Yepocapa were able to export their coffee outside of the country for the first time. We were among a handful of the first roasters in the United States to have the privilege of roasting and sharing their coffee. We were so impressed with what they were able to accomplish and the quality of their work. This year, they’ve continued to push the envelope and we are honored to continue partnering with them!

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