Rwanda — Hingakawa

Rwanda — Hingakawa


Coffee Specifics:

Growers: Hingakawa Women’s Association - Rushashi, Rwanda

Flavor notes: Blackcurrant, Vanilla, Nutmeg 

Process: Washed

Weight: 12oz(340G)

What makes this coffee special?

This coffee has a very unique and pleasant flavor profile. With notes of nutmeg, vanilla, and blackcurrant this coffee pairs really nicely with desert. But to be honest we enjoy it at any time of the day! While we can’t get enough of the flavor, the real story behind this coffee comes from the farmers who grow it.

About the growers:

The Hingakawa Women’s Association is a group of all women coffee farmers who have been able to come together in the midst of extreme hardships and use their coffee to create opportunities for themselves and their families. By providing revenue premiums to the farmers, this cooperative allows its members to further their businesses and create a better quality of life for their families. The cooperative was the first of its kind in Rwanda and has set great standards for what gender equity should look like in coffee. We are so grateful for the opportunity to carry this coffee and support the women behind it!

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