Colombia - Olimpo Vargas, Huila

Colombia - Olimpo Vargas, Huila


We’re incredibly excited to bring you our first offering from La Real Expedicion Botanica (LaREB). LaREB is a collection of small coffee growers working to have more control of their product and process, cut out the middlemen, and in turn produce a better income for themselves. We are thrilled to partner with them and be a part of the way they are revolutionizing the supply chain. This lot is from producer Olimpo Vargas and has apricot, mandarin, and cocoa notes. It’s delicious as a single origin but you’ll also find it as a component in our Accord blend. So be sure and try it both ways!

Origin: Olimpo Vargas Plestina, Huila

Process: Washed

Flavor Notes: Apricot, Mandarin Orange, Cocoa Powder

Whole Bean Coffee - 12oz

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