Limited Release — Ethiopia Uraga

Limited Release — Ethiopia Uraga


Coffee Specifics:

Region: Uraga Woreda, Guji Zone

Producers: Private Collection from Multiple Producers

Flavor notes: Jasmine, Myer Lemon, Grape, Plum

Process: Washed

Cultivar: Heirloom Cultivars

Altitude: 2200 Meters

Weight: 12oz(340G)

What makes this coffee special?:

The Ethiopia Uraga is the first in a new series of limited release coffees that we are excited to share with our customers. We are super excited to start this series and this coffee is an exceptional one to kick it off! With bold notes of myer lemon, plum, jasmine, and grape, this coffee is really worth savoring. We’ve partnered with Coffee Shrub and their Farm Gate Coffee program to bring you this special lot. The program guarantees that farmers are paid 50% over Fair Trade (FT) pricing, but often they are 100%+ more that FT minimums. We love this sourcing model and are honored to roast their coffee. If you’re interested you can read more about the Farm Gate Coffee program here.

About the growers:

This lot comes from a private coffee collection site and processing facility in Uraga and farms are planted as high as 2200 meters in this region. Several hundred farmers in this area sell coffee to this station and the local competition for coffee means prices to the farmer are on the higher end of the scale.

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