Grand Opening of Specialty Coffee Drive-thru

June 29 - mark your calendars, it’s gonna be a big one! We’re having an all day grand opening party to launch our drive-thru. There will be hourly give-aways, live music, and some other fun stuff. We’ll keep you posted in the next updates. Because you all are our dedicated followers, both new and old, you’re hearing about it here first before we advertise anything. The instagram crowd will get it next before we go big time public in the following couple weeks. But rest assured that this message cozied up in your inbox is hot off the press before the masses see it.

It has been too long since we updated you all, but it’s been for good reason. We have been working incredibly hard on some amazing new offerings, partnerships, and products we will be rolling out this month. So without further ado, here are some of the details on the drive-thru.

The Drive-thru is Coming!

We could not be more excited to bring you all something that is a unique, much desired blend of convenience and quality. The unwritten rule of a drive-thru is that you have to sacrifice quality for convenience and we have all unfortunately pretty much resigned ourselves to that as a rule. I too have been a part of that. When you have kids napping, or an unruly mob of older kids in the backseat, you can’t always take the time to run inside to grab a coffee and snack…but you also really want that delicious beverage. If you don’t have kids but still have a crazy schedule, or are habitually late, or you just don’t want to get out of your car - behold, sacrifice quality no more! We’ve been studying a lot of factors on what will bring you all an enjoyable, delicious experience and we believe we’ve cracked the code to have a successful specialty coffee drive-thru. Let’s be honest, we’re not going to be close to Chick Fil A’s speed out of the gates, because no one is…yet. But that’s what we’re shooting for as we learn and refine things!

What we’re all used to: questionable quality for a convenient experience

Subpar quality (gross) + speed (maybe) + convenience = Typical drive-thru model equation

What we’re offering: high quality with a quick, convenient experience

Superior quality (delicious) + speedy (zoom zoom) + convenience = Bridge City Coffee drive-thru

What to Expect

Make sure to read the updates we’re sending out over the following weeks. We promise it will be worth it. We’ll be letting you all know things before anyone else - other new products and partnerships, exclusive coupons, updates on new menu items in the shop, special coffees we’ll be releasing, and more. Next update we’ll tell you a bit about a really unique collaboration we’re launching this weekend, our cold brew growler program starting soon, and some other really exciting stuff. Stay tuned!