Meet Jon

It's past due to introduce you to the man behind the product, the creator of every delicious coffee bean you've tasted from Bridge City. He makes my job really easy by creating a truly top notch and enjoyable roast every time. We'll do a Q & A style here between the two of us.

G - Since you're the wizard behind our products, how did you get into coffee?

J - My journey into coffee started with a popcorn popper and a new found appreciation for quality coffee. I began roasting my own coffee at home and from there the desire to learn more about this new world became a never ending rabbit hole that I'm still falling down. The combination of artistry and science involved in roasting, paired with the possibility for social impact that specialty coffee has on communities, both here and abroad, was what took coffee roasting beyond just being a hobby for me.

G - You mentioned social impact. Can you explain how that relates to coffee in your mind?

J - As I began to discover a more personal fulfillment in this new world of coffee, I quickly started to dream about the ways coffee could bring fulfillment and positive impact to people in my community. The many skillsets required to work in coffee require passion and a willingness to learn, but ultimately can be taught to most people. I started to see the potential coffee had in acting as a vehicle to bring a sense of worth and fulfillment to the lives of others. I wanted to see coffee used as a means to build bridges in our community and to provide a space where those who are often overlooked can aspire to be everything they are meant to be.

G - That's great stuff! I think you're trying to take over the blog here with these answers. You spoke about what drew you into coffee both as a product and as an avenue for greater impact. What excites you most in either of those realms with what we're trying to build with Bridge City Coffee?

J - I'm excited to be part of creating a culture that empowers people with practical, fulfilling skills to work in coffee as well as the intangible life skills that will translate wherever they may find themselves outside of the coffee world. Ultimately I want to create a space where people can enjoy what they do, and still dream for more. I'm also excited about introducing people to incredible coffees and highlighting the men and women who work so hard on the farm level to make these coffees available to us.

G - We'll keep it light for the last question. Tell us something random or funny about yourself most people don't know.

J - That's a great question. I really enjoy tiny things that have a function. It's not that I simply like miniature things, but I like the idea of something that feels like it's been shrunk in size yet still has a practical purpose. For example, an extra small pocket knife or a coffee mug that's just on the verge of being too small. But perhaps more than my love of tiny things, I really like a good pair of socks.

Gregory Ward