Roaster Update and Blog Format

The last week was a bit chaotic. As if single dad life while starting a business in a new place wasn't all enough to juggle, I lost my wallet, our hot water heater has stopped working twice, and our dishwasher went out so I had to uninstall it and install a new one, which I've never done. My wife will be fully moved here from Denver at the end of July and I'm definitely taking a small vacation then.

But, enough whining. I also got a night off Friday, thanks to my sister in law, and was able to spend some good time at the Trappe Door and just enjoy downtown Greenville. Now, I'm currently sitting at one of those yellow tables with a cool breeze blowing while drinking some of our new Guatemalan coffee, which we'll be releasing next week, and everything gets put into perspective. I love what I'm doing! 

We have updated our pricing in general and are having a sale this week to celebrate the 4th of July. Pop over to our store and use the code word Freedom to receive 20% off. As I mentioned, we'll be adding some new beans by next week. Check em' out!

Roaster Update

We recently obtained a large wholesale client that requires we step up our roasting and production capacity. Thankfully, Jon found a great space to do that in Anderson. It will begin solely for our back end operations. However, we may open it to the public a few days a week with a small coffee bar setup and roasted bean sales. But that largely depends on how quickly we're able to get the main store front up and running, so no promises. We'll keep you posted on that!

Blog Format

We are now around 4 months into this from the actual formation of the partnership between Jon and me. Our collaboration around what we intend Bridge City Coffee to be roughly began at the beginning of March. The first couple months were mostly spent figuring out how to viably make it work...and if we actually could. So the fact that we now have a roasting location secured, are working on nailing down our first storefront (more on that later this week), and have our first big investor on the hook is amazing! We are incredibly grateful.

We want to keep the posts as close to real time as possible. I say "as close" because it is difficult at times to find an hour to hammer out a decent post in the midst of everything going on. If I had a personal scribe things would be a little different and you would receive actual real time updates. But alas, I don't have a scribe, yet. I will try my best to write at least one post weekly for the next couple months while so much is going on. It will continue to be some combination of general updates and information focused on our unique business model - sourcing, employment, community involvement, coffee quality, etc.

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